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Life and Career Success

The National Association of Colleges and Employers indicates that and Employers, 73.4% of employers want a candidate with strong written communication skills. In fact, writing skill is more important to these emplolyers than even leadership skills or the ability to work as a team member. Discern to Learn prepares your student for the real world demands you know they will face.

  • Concise, effective, and accurate writing

  • Grammar and punctuation learning for effective proofreading

  • Skills based time management, note taking, and study habits

  • Logical and intentional planning to achieve high level arguments and win the reader's support

About the Courses

Homework Companions to support your student's independent study.

  • Start Here: Beginner Writing

    The beginning is a very good place to start! First, in this course, we begin by learning the basics of grammar, and punctuation, description, and editing so students can write excellent sentences. Then we move on to paragraph construction construction, logical arguments, and work on commonly misused words. A Solid Foundation.

  • Jump In Middle School Composition

    A logical next step! Jump right in! Why wait for high school to introduce essays? Now is the time to learn to write effectively! Using Sharon Watson's step by step curriculum we write 6-7 essays per year (finishing the text in 2 years). Students gradually learn the skills they need to master Opinion, Persuasion, How - To, Research, and Narrative writing (among others). The text is used with permission and is required for the course.

  • Power In Your Hands: Non Fiction Writing for High School

    Words have power! Your high school students will excel in academics and life with the higher level critical reasoning and writing skills taught in Sharon Watson's text. The step by step writing process will lead students one step at a time to the next level of expertise. Students complete 6-8 pieces of writing per year (finishing the text over 2 years)

Meet the Instructor

Theresa Peters

Mrs. Theresa has over 10 years homeschool experience, and began teaching high school writing and literature in 2016. In 2019 she branched out and added middle school writing and she just Loves to teach middle school and high school literature and writing. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where she is mom to two (and wife to one!) She emphatically believes in the power of words; the power of words of to encourage, to motivate, and to change the world!

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